About Us

Our classes are held in the MindBody Center of the  Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 6762 Cypress Lake Road (at the 301 Bypass) Statesboro.

We are a fully equipped yoga studio. We offer many classes so you may experience a variety of yoga styles with a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

All of our classes are taught by certified teachers or teachers in training. They are dedicated to their own practice and continuing education, each inspired to teach and share yoga with their students.

We welcome yoga students of all ages and levels to our classes. Physical limitations are accommodated with alternatives to allow for maximum participation in class.Our studio is full with mats, straps, blocks,  and blankets to help participants access poses which may be out of reach in the beginning.

About Us

  • "I am 60+ years of age and from the very first session with Inge in Beginning Yoga, I wished I had investigated yoga sooner.  I have found the instructor, other participants, and the sessions at the Yoga On Vine studio to be just what my body and mind were craving.  Inge makes sure that all participants are accommodated with aids, when needed, that allow our body and mind to perform the position/pose without harm but still at the level required to bring improvement in our body's strength and flexibility.  I am very thankful to have found Inge and the studio!"
    J. Grumbles, Yoga Student
  • "YOV is an inviting studio with a committed group of yogis. It's great place develop your yoga practice as a beginner or take it to the next level as an intermediate or more advanced student. I love working with Inge because she has been teaching for years and knows how to work with all body types to help find the right alignment for each person. I "heart" YOV!"
    A. Davis, Yoga Student
  • "I just moved to Georgia from Boston, and luckily came across this studio. Took my first class with Ashlie - I was welcomed into a wonderful class with a talented instructor - I can't wait to return!"
    Susan Bennett, Yoga Student
  • "Inge's classes offer all students a great way to learn yoga and to advance their skills. Also, it helps me to learn to control myself, my mind and my breath. I always learn something each time I do this. Absolutely love practice yoga with Inge. Great experience! Thank you!"
    Lena Cooper, Yoga Student
  • "I will never forget how helpful you were in helping me get my blood pressure back under control at a very stressful period in my life. Under your expert guidance, yoga reset my entire nervous system! Thank you for that. Your specialty seems to be your extraordinary ability to devise modifications to yoga poses for students of all ages and ability levels. I have personally witnessed your amazing work with students ranging from ages 8 through 94! Your continued interested in the mind/body connection, your enthusiasm and your personal attention to each individual student make your work unique and special. You teach the poses, demonstrate them, offer adjustments, and provide props and modifications that enable all students to succeed."
    Ursula Sterling, Yoga Student

What our students say about us

More About Us

  • A fully equipped studio
  • Certified Instructors with many years of practice and teaching experience
  • Small classes and private instruction
  • Individual attention for safe practice
  • Variety of Yoga styles
  • Lots of schedule options
  • Alternative poses offered as needed

6762 Cypress Lake Road, Statesboro, GA 30458