Inge Spencer

Inge is a Certified Iyengar Yoga instructor and former owner of Yoga on Vine. She has studied yoga for over 40 years and taught for more than 25 years. She has extensively trained with intermediate and senior Iyengar Yoga teachers since 1985 in classes, weekend workshops and during two International Iyengar Conferences, one of which featured Mr. Iyengar himself. In summer of 2007, Inge had the privilege of studying with Geeta and Prashant Iyengar (daughter and son of Mr. Iyengar) in India.  Her  classes focus on proper alignment and restorative poses with the aid of props to promote health.    Most recently, Inge has studied Fascia Fitness Training and Fascia Yoga in Germany with  the creators of Fascia Training.  Her enthusiasm for this newly researched and developed training model has inspired her to include some of the fascia training elements into her classes which greatly enhances yoga practice.

Carol Ellis

Carol began her yoga experience in the early 1970’s in Philadelphia with an Indian Guru. She continued her practice with a variety of instructors, favoring those embracing a ‘yoga flow’ philosophy. The search for continuous, meditative movement eventually led Carol to the discovery of T’ai Chi Ch’uan or Tàjíquán. Since the 1990’s, Carol has ‘played’ t’ai chi with instructors who have lived and studied in China; as well as having the opportunity to study and play with a t’ai chi master while visiting China. Please come to a class and discover the rewarding, relaxing, revitalizing experience that is Tai Chi Chuan.


Fred Richter

Fred’s first yoga experience was in the eighties, reading Richard Hittleman and practicing solo on his living room floor. In 2001, Fred began practicing Iyengar Yoga with Inge and eventually began teaching yoga as an occasional substitute. In 2005, he began teaching two sessions of mostly alignment-based yoga at his church. He has attended numerous workshops, read many yoga books, and he still considers himself a student among students. Fred’s intention is to provide his students with an all-around, head-to-toe yoga experience, teaching that the practice of yoga is an intimate relationship with your body, an honoring of the temple of the Spirit within. Through his light-hearted approach to teaching, he hopes to inspire his students to be their own best physical therapists.