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Yoga & Fascia Workshop

Saturday, September 10, 2016 1:00-3:30pm

Discover how you can integrate all 4 aspects of Fascial Fitness into your Yoga Practice: Rebound Elasticity, Fascial Stretches, Fascial Release and Sensory Refinement. Thus we can create a dynamic and up-lifting Yoga Practice that connects you deeply with your body, your breath, your deepest essence. Explore an interesting Fusion of  Static (alignment focused) and Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga and latest news on Fascial Training and Fascia Research in this experiential workshop geared to help you dive deep into your tissues.

The significance of Fascia, the muscular connective tissue, has long been neglected in movement practices. Findings of international Fascia Research Programs show that the collagenous network of Fascia plays an important role in force transmission of any movement and is an important aspect for flexibility, elasticity and body awareness.

Although Fascia are stimulated in any Yoga Practice to a certain extent, the effect on the myofascial tissue may be optimized by integrating small modifications to the asanas or the way we practice. Because Fascia needs more than stretching for an optimal stimulation.

This workshop does not intend to create a new Yoga style, rather it's intention is to expand your toolbox to help you optimally stimulate your connective tissue within your yoga practice. Students of any Yoga Style and Tradition are welcome. Integrating Fascial Stimulation into your Yoga Practice will enhance your range of motion, deepen your proprioception and interoception and ensure your tendons stay supple and elastic.

Inge Spencer, Iyengar Yoga Certified Instructor since 2013 and yoga practitioner of 40 years,  has recently fulfilled the requirements as Fascia Fitness Trainer and has attended a Fascia and Yoga Seminar in Germany with Divo Mueller, creator of Fascia Fitness Training modalities.   Inge has practiced fascia fitness along with her yoga practice for the last 3 years and has experienced wonderful benefits of health and fitness with this fusion of the ancient art of yoga and the modern scientific studies of fascia fitness.

For more information on fascia fitness click here

Partner Yoga Workshop

Saturday, October 29, 2016 11:30am-1:30pm

Back by popular demand, Susanne Jackson will offer another Partner Yoga workshop! This is a workshop that allows you to have fun and be light in your practice while sharing it with a partner! Invite that friend who always talks about trying yoga, bring your significant other, or come on your own and get paired up with another yogi.